Corporate Details

  • Founded

  • Incorporated

  • E-mail

  • 1999

  • 26/10/2003


Major Projects

  • TotalServe Solutions Control Panel

  • PHP5(OO) / CodeIgniter / C project
  • TotalServe Solutions control panel is a major software development project to create a modular on-line services control panel with complete integration with e-mail servers, LDAP directory systems, Asterisk, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and many more services to provide a web-hosting control panel, support system with VoIP telephone integration and directory services for Mac OS X.

  • TotalServe Solutions VoIP & Helpdesk Integration

  • C project
  • Custom integration project between RequestTracker ticketing & helpdesk system, Asterisk VoIP PABX telephone system and Cisco IP phones to provide seamless presentation of existing customer data, history and reporting for a more streamlined communication channels for new and existing customers.



  • High end web-hosting

  • Co-location, dedicated servers and geo-redundant hosting
  • With the years of experience from our low end website hosting we were successfully able to implement high end web-hosting solutions, co-location, dedicated servers and geo-redundant hosting services with notable clients including Yellow Pages, ANZ Financial Services division, MAC1 and TotalServe Solutions.

    A business decision that ensured our continual development as a business.

  • Low end web-hosting

  • iPaska web-hosting
  • At our beginning we were born as a low-end web hosting provider offering budget plans and packages. With fast growth to 7,000 customers worldwide the business struggled to expand having no formalised business plan and competing in a market that was purely dominated by low cost providers. Backed with the falling US dollar, and the strength of the Australian market we made the business decision to exit the low hosting market and focused our attention on our medium and corporate hosting accounts, software development and high-end business in the Australian markets.

    A business decision that ensured our continual development and growth.